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Malik Hakmeen Khan has given a great example of loyalty to the country during the period of Psychiatric. Finding the perfect words for tribute to them is a mixture of gambling. The views of prominent lawmakers and senior vice-president, Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party Sheikh Ahsanuddin Advocate, during his death, were discussed during the media. He said that Malik Hakimin Khan joined the PPP’s establishment The deadline of loyalty to party till the death of the dead. In the March 23 case, he was offered to make a promise of forgiveness, but he accepted the slope but he did not allow the party to open the treacherous door. Sheikh Ahsanuddin said that if the current politics of Pakistan is seen, the country’s sovereignty does not appear in any other politician. People like Malik Hakimin Khan are the great investors of the country and the space created by their death can never be done. The people also saw their role as their representative, and instead of their role, The son also sent to the assembly

Malik Hakmeen Khan

One of the founding member of Pakistan Peoples Party, ex parliamentarian, senator and minister of Punjab Malik Hakmeen Khan was passed away yesterday in Lahore. His last rituals held in his village Sheen Bagh Attock today. Malik Hakmeen Khan was the closest friend to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhatto, the founder of Pakistan Peoples Party.

He contested the provincial assembly elections in the 70s from PP-12 Attock, which is now PP-15 Attock. He retained his seats in the 1977 and 1988 elections.

During 1972-77, he held the portfolios of Housing and Physical Planning, Auqaf, Food, Cooperatives and Prisons in the provincial cabinet.

He was elected as senator in 1994 and was also a member of the Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet, Establishment, Management Services, Labour and Manpower.

Hakmeen Khan was witness to many important political events in Pakistan as he was very active during Bhutto’s rule in the centre and Punjab. He faced imprisonment during Zia’s regime but did not change his loyalties.

Later on, Hakmeen also developed a good relationship with Benazir Bhutto who considered him one of the most loyal party leaders and a good friend of her father’s.

The PPP leadership, PTI leader Major Tahir Sadiq, former minister Sheikh Aftab and others expressed grief and sorrow over the demise of Malik Hakmeen.

Federal Minister for Information Chaudhry Fawad Hussain also expressed his sorrow and said Hakmeen Khan will always be remembered as an active political leader.